Autonomous Security

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“This is what I was told. Hey Bill you’re out of your mind! This will never work. You’ll need 15 million dollars to build the first prototype and it won’t work. It’s hardware and software, too complicated. You should pick one. And lastly, physical security is not an investment thesis, you need to go away”
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Finding your Synthetic Voice …

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The emergence of AI is powering a new approach to analyzing voices, identifying and tagging speaking patterns by age, gender, education, cultural heritage, and accent. This podcast discusses the Company’s technology to create a synthesized voice that is designed to fit the character in a movie, animation or audio dialogue.… Read More

The Cheating Iceberg

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The cheating scandal in university admissions may well be just the tip of the iceberg.  Test cheating itself has become pervasive in the growth of credentialed certifications, in areas such as computer network engineering, vendor-specific network, and data communications protocols.… Read More

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