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The Fighting Robot Vision

Two mechanical engineers decided that they should build a giant fighting robot.

Matt Oehrlein:  Our goal was to have a giant robot combat battle from the very beginning. We built Iron Glory to fight a long range battle and stuck big guns on it.
We found another giant robot from Japan, named Suidobashi. We issued a challenge:  We have a giant robot, you have a giant robot. We challenge you to a duel.

our first headliner fight was with a robot team in Japan.  Now that we have established the popularity of the event, we are looking for other teams to join us.  We are prepared to just build all the robots ourselves, if necessary. There are also a few teams in China now that are building giant robots. You may see another challenge in the future where we have the opportunity to have another robot battle.


Why Giant Fighting Robots?

The idea of having a giant robot battle was just a case of trying to bootstrap the company. Honestly, we had built at that time one robot: Iron Glory. After building Iron Glory,  we didn’t have enough money to build another robot. So we sat there thinking:  How do we start a sports league with fighting robots if we only have one robot?

But there was one other giant robot in the world that we knew of and it was in Japan.  So we thought, the 4th of July is just around the corner, let’s dress up Super Americana we’re wearing American flag capes and aviator glasses and we issued a challenge to that Japanese team.  They answered one week later and the whole internet blew up and that’s kind of what put us on the map as a worldwide event, brand and sports league.

Iron Glory



Educational Mission

Matt Ohrlein : inquiry@megabots.com

Website Link - : www.megabots.com

One of our big internal missions is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to learn science and math and create amazing things. .

I think one of the important things is if you really want to inspire kids is, you can be cool on platforms they find relevant and they have to be drawn towards you. So if it’s a teacher or a parent saying “hey you know, you should watch megabots.”   That’s not cool for a kid and that’s not going to inspire them.  However, if they kind of discover us and they realize: “that’s cool, I’d like to understand how those robots work”

Visit www.megobots.com or send us an email at inquiry@megabots.com