Connecting the “aha mo …

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Barbara, the entrepreneur met Alicia, the investor, during the first phase of a company review and qualification process. The first conversation initiated an understanding of the Ponga product, the problem being solved, the market, team, traction, all good stuff. There was great chemistry in those meetings. Barbara provides personal insights … Read More

The Quantum Computing Fronti …

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Quantum Computing is the next frontier in the evolution of computer processing power. It represents an opportunity to harness some of the strangest laws of physics to produce results to unique problems expressed as an algorithm.

Blockchain, Crypto Currencie …

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The explosive growth in new digital currencies is giving pause to all concerned about just how this is going to work out!  Two co-founders speak about how the blockchain distributed database works, and how they will be issuing an ICO, initial coin offering, to facilitate the value of information about … Read More

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