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Carbon dioxide has been known to have adverse health effects since we had astronauts in space that’s where they realized that astronauts have headaches and the buildup of carbon dioxide has contributed to that effect. There have been more recent studies, specifically at Harvard, that have shown that the levels that we thought were normal for human beings to exist in with carbon dioxide, they are actually quite bad for us and those levels can affect our cognitive performance, our decision-making, our productivity, and more importantly they give us headaches and makes us feel dizzy.

The solution that we came up with is to create devices that would remove this excess carbon dioxide from the air that we exhale because we are the source of this contamination. If you think about the outside environment, we have plants and trees that absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen that we need to breathe. Our conclusion was: why can’t we develop devices that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and put those devices in the places where we live and spend most of our time.

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In the more recent times we have had CO2 elevations outside 410 parts per million and it’s increased over the last 75 years significantly and there are numerous contributors to that but we are also the source of not Contamination and when we spend a lot of time indoors we’re contributing to that so inside contamination could be 3 to 4 times concentrated what we have outside and those are the levels that we’re not accustomed to live in.

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