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in the United States I think there’s this level of unawareness of not knowing that over 170 million Americans today  are impacted by radioactive materials or carcinogenic chemicals in their  drinking  water that being said the tap water is still much more regulated than bottled water and people believe that just because the water is clear it doesn’t mean it’s safe and I think fundamentally the United States is going through along with several other countries this process of looking at infrastructure and  revamping infrastructure from hundreds of years and I think the lack of infrastructure in terms of advancements in technology have not been applied into this specific industry and as you start seeing this industrial IOT or automation happening

Key Concepts

Ketos fundamentally has been built because of bringing the integration of water and the IOT network and the smart-connected networks with data science and we believe that having proactive capability and the early warning notification capability at least gives you an upper hand for avoiding another Flint from happening because there are several cities across the United States just on the Brinks of him making that happen and providing and empowering cities and businesses with those tools can revolutionize how we look at water data.

Contact Info

Meena Shankaram : meena@ketos.com

Manthi Nguyen : manthi@sandhillangels.com

Interview with startup entrepreneur Meena Sakaram, CEO of Ketos, and Manthi Nguyen, an angel investor and mentor to Meena.  The discussion addresses the many sources of water contamination, the solution provided by Ketos, and how the mentor relationship developed between Meena and Manthi.