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Sometimes guests on the Game Changers show provide insights into the formidable challenges, rejections, and eventually successes that provide insights and inspiration to others.


This show features two women entrepreneurs who candidly discuss the challenges of raising seed capital for a startup company and how daunting the process can be.


My guests are Alicia Castillo Holley, WomenGetFunded.com originally from Venezuela, and Pilar Manchón, whose company was acquired by Intel, originally from Spain.



The Key points from Alicia and Pilar: 

Making a presentation for capital is an continuous process of improvement and refinement. Every interaction should be a learning experience. At the conclusion of the meeting, ask each person for feedback and if they could provide an introduction to partners, advisors, and potential investors.


  • Determination to request and obtain feedback is essential, but getting honest feedback was difficult.
  • The value of feedback is to improve the presentation.  Some people will be candid, but many want to avoid the discomfort of providing negative or even constructive feedback.  Worst of all, some provide weak or even inaccurate feedback.  Learn how to qualify and discern constructive feedback to improve your presentation.
  • The entrepreneurs who get the most from investors are those who convey and demonstrate an openness to receiving feedback.
  • Entrepreneurs need to evaluate if the feedback is consistent with their personality, values and their natural style.
  • Pilar received an investment from Intel Capital in October 2012 and had an acquisition by Intel in June 2013, just nine months after the start of the investment relationship.
  • Entrepreneurs have options for raising capital from more than just venture capital sources and there are a number of sites focused on helping women entrepreneurs.


I found the points made by both Alicia and Pilar to be very candid and useful for entrepreneurs to recognize the level of tenacity and perseverance that is necessary in being an entrepreneur.For more shows: www.GameChangers.tv
Facebook: Game Changers Silicon Valley

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