Why is more Venture Capital …

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A recent PWC MoneyTree report indicated a drop in VC funding amount and number of deals since the highpoint in 2015. Two Silicon Valley Venture Capital Managing Partners discuss the recent changes in the funding and valuation models as well as the focus on where a VC can add value. Guests are Cindy Padnos, Managing Partner of Illuminate Ventures and Ephraim Lindenbaum, Managing Director of Advance Ventures, Jim Connor is the host.… Read More

How Does Big Data Deliver Va …

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The Big Data label is being applied to all industries today. Big Data does not necessarily generate useful, meaningful or valuable insights. We interview Beena Ammanath of GE Digital and Jonathan Wu of Diyotta to understand the process of using large and diverse data and data sets to find relationships that can deliver intelligent insight and analysis to support critical decisions and strategies. The Game Changers Silicon Valley host is Jim Connor.… Read More

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