The Quantum Computing Fronti …

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Quantum Computing is the next frontier in the evolution of computer processing power. It represents an opportunity to harness some of the strangest laws of physics to produce results to unique problems expressed as an algorithm.

Burned by the Breach

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    Equifax delivers the 3:00 am burn notice to consumers and corporations.  Two renown Silicon Valley venture investors, Ken Elefant of Sorenson Ventures and TJ Rylander of Next47 discuss the depth of the Equifax Data Breach, cybersecurity issues, best practices and safeguards for all corporations.   Background On September 7, … Read More

AI in Cyber Security

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Cyber attacks and Security breaches have been growing in sophistication with massive breachers at large public technology companies. Besides installing a system to monitor and prevent attacks, there are some common sense Best Practices that can be done to limit the damage.… Read More

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