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Video Info - Season 1 , Episode 21


Crowdfunding:  A discussion on the outlook for sources of capital for startup companies, from three different perspectives:
  • The investors represented by Bill Reichert of Garage.com
  • The entrepreneurs represented by Bow Rodgers from VetTech.com
  • The crowdfunding platform represented by Manny Fernandez from Dreamfunded.com

Key Concepts

The SEC has provided and will continue to publish rules that allow accredited investors to receive general solicitation offers to invest in private (startup) companies. The crowd funding issue has separate regulations for accredited investors and non-accredited investors.

Contact Info

Manny Fernandez, DreamFunded.com : manny@dreamfunded.com

Bow Rodgers, VetTech.com : bow@vettech.com

Bill Reichert, Garage.com : info@garage.com

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