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Quantum Computers

Advances under Moore’s Law ( computer power doubles every 26 months) have started to reach a physical limit, and while the aggregated power of computer clusters provide remarkable performance, quantum computing is demonstrating the ability to solve specialized applications in an exponentially shorter time.

Key Concepts

The initial areas of focus for quantum computers will be  in the areas of quantum chemistry, logistics and financial engineering. Matt Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of QC Ware discusses the fundamental concepts about the utilization of quantum computers, the areas of where they provide an advantage, and the opportunities that will be available in finding unique solutions.

Contact Info

Matt Johnson : info@qcware.com

Website Link - : www.qcware.com

There is a major conference coming up among the leading hardware developers, software developer, design engineers and the quantum computing community sponsored by Nasa and QC Ware.  More information can be found at www.q2b.us


Quantum Computing is the next frontier in the evolution of computer processing power. It represents an opportunity to harness some of the strangest laws of physics to produce results to unique problems expressed as an algorithm.

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